Monday, 3 June 2013

The Yellows

If the blues are the colour of sadness, then surely the yellows must belong to happy!
Possibly my feelings for yellow developed after visiting the Chagall exhibit - go see it if you can as it is open until July.
For this April's trip to Paris, I would have to say the colour of spring was indeed yellow.
I saw flashes of it everywhere.
From regular yellows to florescent.
 In all sorts of materials including leather.
As a cookie.
 In cakes.
Even the occasional pie.
Modern furniture.
Antique furniture.
I didn't even realise I was loving the yellow until I reviewed my photos.
I am truly inspired and motivated to add a little yellow to my life here at home.
 I'll start in the garden.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Croque Monsieur Favorites 2013

Served at Angelina. 
No, I didn't have it with their famous hot chocolate.  It was too darn hot outside!
Served at Paul. 
This one was on a wonderful rye bread.  Their excellent coffee creme made for a perfect lunch.  
Finally, a Croque Madame (egg on top) served in a little cafe at the bottom of the Sacré-Cœur Basilica.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Mariage Frere Tea Release for 2013

 If you see tea pots on this blog it usually means one thing.
 More tea pots......and a trip to Mariage Freres in Paris.
This is the new release for 2013 - SAKURA Cherry blossom green tea!
I have my new collector tin and I am now up to date with my tea collection!
This year I spent a lot more time sniffing the teas in the 2013 collection.  Every trip to Mariage Frere is memorable.  While I did not have tea in the salon this year I did enjoy my trip immensely!

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Cutest Antique Post Card Seller - Still On Duty


I love that some things in life are dependable.
Seeing this cutie pie was a highlight during this April's trip to the Porte de Vanves market.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Mont Saint-Michel


A one minute video sharing my experience at the top of Mont Saint-Michel.
This Gothic marvel is not to be missed if you are visiting this part of France.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Paris Vintage Postcards

 When I first started shopping in the antique markets of Paris I always looked through vendor stacks of postcards.  They used to be very pricey, but over the years the regular photo post cards have really dropped in price and you can find them for $1 Euro in a lot of stalls. 
 These postcards are more difficult to find and a little more pricey.  I adore them.  It makes me wonder why the idea of sending such beautiful photo cards disappeared with my generation.
They are a wonderful memento of my trip and of a special time in history.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013


 I know if you see the Sacre-Coeur you may think I was in church.  No.  This was as close to it as I got.  It was a gorgeous day today!  This picture means I was shopping for fabric, because at the bottom of the Sacre-Coeur is the Fabric District.
 Look at the first stop I made.
 I have my favourite stores.
 Several have changed over the years and have created gorgeous window displays.
 This is just one of the button rooms.
 I still prefer to dig through the shops that sell 3 meter sections.  You just never know what you will find.  They have "ends" from all over and I have a very good idea where fashion houses send their leftovers at the end of the season.
This is one pile today.  I got more....but these work together beautifully.

The Dog Whisperer of Paris

 Walking through the Louvre's Jardin Des Tuileries area today it was hard not to imagine summer. It was very warm for an April day.
Scanning the distance I spotted a flash of white.
Now, as the proud companion to a Golden Retriever I can usually spot one a mile away...especially when I am traveling and missing my Magnus. So, first I spotted the golden in the distance, and then I realized he was in a crowd of dogs.
Everyone stopped to see them pass. This dog walker had them all under control....and that's when I realized that they weren't even on leashes! 
How does he do it? 
I can barely get my own pup from the van to the Vet's doorway on a leash.
The best part was seeing some of the bigger dogs leading the smaller ones on their leash.
How smart is this pack?
Happily, Parisians love their dogs!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

What Not To See In Paris

The Angel of the Odd.
Dark Romanticism from Goya to Max Ernst.

Okay, this was a bad choice.  Given the number of hours I have been glued to CNN watching Boston coverage....heading out to see this exhibit was a dumb idea.  Imagine several very large rooms filled with the darkest, scariest, goth paintings and you will imagine what my afternoon was like.
But I do have a funny to share.

Here is a Mom who I seemed to follow throughout the exhibit.  Her baby was asleep.  Can you imagine the reaction if this baby wakes up in this room?  Good lord lady, what were you thinking?  I'm going to have nightmares!

Monday, 15 April 2013

Haute Couture Exhibit sponsored by Swarovski

 One of the top agenda items for this trip was this exhibit at the Hotel De Ville today.  We lined up bright and early and were among the first group to enter this super popular exhibition.
 These are a few of the pictures I managed to take hoping I would not get into trouble.....
 You just want to touch everything. 
Although almost everything is behind glass, you can move in close to see everything.
 The combination of vintage and current gowns was extraordinary.  I really could not decide which I liked better.  The 40's dresses can be just as outrageous as today's designer items.
Even more wonderful...the exhibit is FREE.  I do recommend going gave us a chance to look at the dresses without being pressed in by many other visitors.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Dinner and Dessert

 One of the reasons I love to rent an apartment in Paris is so that I can have my own kitchen while I am here.  Otherwise, how would I experience a treat like this fabulous tomato tart?
 We have an amazing market just down the street.  The manager gave us a fabric shopping bag...clearly he knew we would be coming back.
Our dessert was amazing!  We can't wait to pick out our next meal.  If I had a food market this beautifully stocked at home...I'd weigh 300 pounds.

Luxembourg Garden

 If I wasn't standing here to take this picture I might not have believed it.  When the sun shines, it seems all of Paris will flock to a park.  It really was warm this afternoon and we thought we might go sit in the park for a little sunshine ourselves.  I didn't think it would be so packed!  Not a chair was we walked instead.
 The Palais du Luxembourg is indeed a gorgeous site. 
 We did want to see the Chagall show so we opted to walk directly there. 
It was very busy...but I am so glad to have seen all this work in one place.  The gift shop was so packed and could not bear the line up for a post card.  Luckily, I took a few pictures on my camera.